Week 3 Aidan

A Student Response From:AidanLAZY I cant move I dont feel My brain… or my body trapped

Week 3 Megan

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Week 3 Emil

A Student Response From:EmilThis week’s prompt of The Watched made me think about an art piece that I made in high school. It was a performance piece called “How to Avoid Interaction” where I had a polyester cloud on my head, blocking my vision and hearing but not stopping others from being able to see me. It makes me think …

Week 3 Rene

A Student Response From:ReneThis has been a month of death. My nephew passed from cancer, and two friends from my past died of Covid-19. Neither of my old friends were vaccinated and both lived in Texas. I hadn’t spoken to them in a while, but I was told they were exercising their freedom. John Ceballos was an old paratrooper, much …

week 3 Cristian

A Student Response From:CristianDoubt can lead to the death of a dream. Can I really do it? Unfortunately, doubt is a part of the human species. To question whether or not you have the ability to do something. The flames of uncertainty can cause you to lose a part of yourself. But, to rise from the ashes can lead to …