Reflections and Data:

Why we are so excited about this platform

Rose B. Simpson: Seminar was a six-week intensive museum program only available to UNM students that took place between September 6th and October 24th, 2021. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UNM Art Museum pivoted its fall 2021 exhibition plans to include an online learning experience (and experiment). It exceeded our wildest expectations.

Here are some of the highlights—though we encourage you to explore what happened for yourself.

Over 175 students and 10 faculty participated,
resulting in personal, back-and-forth conversations and collaboration between Rose and UNM’s community of students across disciplines.

The platform received 125 student replies to Rose, 
some written, some recorded, and some photo-based. 

In total students spent over 100 hours engaging
on the platform and on average returned to the site 11 times.

While numbers are great, they don’t get close to capturing the best part of all: 
students’ thoughtful and in-depth engagement with Rose’s writing on topics such as the environment, capitalism, and personal truth.