Week 6 D4

A Student Response From:


How do I do things, to what end?

I recently ended an artist statement like this:

Mystery is the context which allows questions to exist. Mystery fills me with a sense of vitality; there is life in questions.

The statement as a whole was vague and left questions. Am I ready to know?

I appreciate the perspective of finding solace and direction in questions as they are reflected back by all aspects of life.

That is a direction I want to go in; to live in the present life of questions, being awake to the richness of not knowing, not just the burning desire for answers.

I do feel the desire for answers and that does create conflict within me. It’s difficult to surrender to the big mystery. It is difficult to let go of the idea that answers will give me the sense of security I crave.

Would empathy exist without questions? If I am open to the question of something I can empathize. How do you feel?

A Last Note:

Thank you for this experience and opportunity to reflect!

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