Week 6 Justin

A Student Response From:


This week's prompt was really interesting and made me think deeply about life itself. It is very easy to overlook seemingly small things in life like the example Rose gave of raindrops on a window. While this may seem like a meaningless everyday occurrence, it can be interesting to look at those raindrops from a different perspective. Consider how amazing it is that we are alive on the one planet in the entire galaxy that is known to be able to support advanced forms of life. The fact that we are even able to see raindrops on a window is itself an incredible thing. Another perspective is by looking at the structure of the raindrop itself. Each raindrop is ever-so-slightly different than the rest. There is a lot we can learn from and be thankful for by thinking deeply about something that may seem like an unimportant phenomenon. Thank you for pushing me to think about my surroundings... I hope to continue using this perspective into my everyday life.

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