Week 4 B2

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I've been looking forward to this fall all summer, it seems. I've been excited to experience the breath of fresh air and the newness of going back to class and seeing everyone again. But it seems that now that I'm back it's become more about dread and waiting than it is about enjoying the collaboration and spirit of others. I dont know why it feels like this- but fall itself feels unfamilair this year. Not the same autumn that handed out cider and stomped pumpkins. It doesent have the same gifts it once did. Instead it's approaching (and it is here) like a someone bringing their own problems, their own worries, to share with you. Rather than offering a way for yours to float away. I feel bad about it, honestly. Not realizing that I was supposed to offer something back to it; and now being stuck with autumns dread of it's own appearance.

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  1. Woah! I wonder if we are all feeling that super social anxiety- I know I am!

    I think taking a year off really got me to reflect on my values and personal needs, and I’m noticing how much the social lives I’ve lived have been a lesson in compromise. How much have we been lying to ourselves about what healthy interaction looks like? When do we get real with ourselves and each other? Can we?

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