Week 1 C3

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Suddenly, I'm in this space with you and a group of people I don't know. Like stars, though, far away, traveling light-messages; a presence that lingers in the glow of the screen. The stars I see are images of the past. You are always changing. So am I. And within that subtle passing I feel understood by a sense of freedom. It doesn't matter. In the best way.

I'm grateful for the experience of resonating with what I perceive as a wakeful freedom of choosing instead of reacting. Blissful, easy exhale. I get to feel my feelings, and you get to feel yours.

What is important?

I have been learning how to trust my stomach, preferring to shift through sensations with unfamiliar hands as I reach through my guts. I don't understand most things this way. My search has moved from trying to intellectualize my way to security to surrendering to silent knowing.

Pleasure is also located in my stomach. Feels like humming. I sometimes hum unintentionally when I take a bite of food. Now, I remind myself to hum because I was made aware by friends that I do this, so I stopped myself. Humming is good.

Thank you for the invitation to share! I'm surprised.

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  1. Whatever this is, whoever you are, I am humming to move my feeling of gratitude into vibration through this fan-cooled evening. Acknowledgment. Mutuality.

    More gratitude. Resonation the medicine for this grinding fear. Hummm…. Gone.

    An exhale and finally some rest.

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