Week 1 D3

A Student Response From:


The ever-evolving challenge that I have faced in my life is the ability to take up space and to not feel like my existence in that space is any less valuable than that of the other members of this strange, magical world. Whether that be with my body, my personality, or my opinions, taking up the space that I deserve to be allotted is a very difficult thing for me to feel confident about.

I really appreciate how open and honest you are, Rose. It gives me the inspiration to close my eyes and just experience the beauty of existence from the most genuine space that I can. The thing about being genuinely yourself, though, is that that person is also continuously evolving. What may be genuine for you right now may not be genuine in five, ten, twenty years from now. But what is important to remember is that there is nothing wrong with that at all. Just because I look back on the person I used to be and would choose to do things differently if I could doesn't mean that the person that I was at that time is any less valid. The decisions that she made helped make me into the person I am in this moment and I will always be thankful for that. Especially because now I know how I want to move forward from here because I know who I no longer want to be.

I am very proud of the person that I am today and the hard times that I had to face to get to this point. But I am especially proud that the little girl who thought she took up too much space has become the much more grown up girl who has dared to take up as much space as she can.

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