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This prompt really speaks to me because I feel like many people have the expectation that you need to stay the same way, or that it does not make sense for you to want to branch out and change yourself.

I was in a three year long relationship and we started dating when I was 14 and it ended when I turned 18. By the end of our relationship he kept saying how I’m different, that my personality has changed, and that I’m just not the same as I was in the beginning. But I can just remember thinking, how could I not be different? I’ve experienced and felt so many new things throughout our relationship, that there is no way my 18 year old self would have the same mentality as a 14 year old.

In the prompt “ I am finished with these limited definitions of myself, and am opening to a new way” is written four times. Because it was written so much I feel like that simple sentence has so much power. And it is telling me that I don’t have to stay the same and I can choose whatever path I want in life, because my life is mine to live.

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  1. I forgive myself for believing in the limiting lies that I was led to believe about myself, and am coming into the wonder of brilliance I didn’t even know was possible. And that if others cannot hold space for my transformation, that they gracefully find their own safe place in relation to the ever changing ME.

  2. I really feel like this prompt really spoke to me because it says that it’s ok the have change and change yourself. This is what I went through from high school to college I felt like I was doing something wrong for changing, it sucks because I lost a lot of friends and family because I wasn’t the person I was when I was 15 or so back in high school.

  3. The prompt and your comment really made me realize that I need to bemyself and do what I want. When Covid started and everything went online I started working with my uncles, I learned so much in that year. That now I am running my own wood pallet business. In the past couple month, I have had in my mind if college was the correct path for. I can say that I decided to attend college because it is my parents dream for me to graduate in that level. I understand they have done a lot of sacrifices for me to have the opportunity to go to school here in the U.S. I am going to finish school because I know it is going to be beneficial, but it is better for everyone to do what they think is correct because if you work hard everything will be okay.

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