Week 2 C4

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With color, with size, with detail.... the painter gives us a sense of depth. I think this applies to more than just paintings. In terms of human beings, our own uniqueness and personalities bring color into our worlds. As well as bringing color into ourselves. I remember reading somewhere that, no matter how hard we try, we can't think of a color that doesn't exist. I believe the same goes for us, there are times we feel so alone and like we are one of one. However, inside one "color", exists many varieties of that same color, combinations of different colors to make one color. Even the way we perceive color is dependent on the layers of composition surrounding it. I can relate to the reducing done by labels and what-not. The limiting of our personalities and ourselves as a whole. I often think of this in terms of impressions. In college, you may only come across a person once. Everyones schedules are so different yunno. So, sometimes I stress about the first impressions I do have with people because I know very well that I may never see them again. Or that however I present myself is the way that they'll know me until I am given another chance to add to that narrative. I kind of lost my direction in what I was writing. So I'll end here. I related to what you said and I understood the way you think about that. Sometimes I feel like those labels may just be the words we seek to describe our "indescribables". But we always look for more, so that may be a reason for our constant rejection of these "norms". I also think it is important to look for more, in whatever it is. it helps with our progressions and what-not.

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