Week 2 D4

A Student Response From:


When I can be a question without an answer, I will be free. Yet, I long for the security of diminishing the unknown with cutting descriptions that make the question of being easier to manage. And I tell myself I want to be free. Extricating myself from comforts’ soft grasp doesn’t seem to get easier, it’s always changing its grip. Whispering to the part of me that’s been told it’s safer to be frozen in the same shape.

Thank you for the affirmation. I will join you. I am finished with these limited definitions of myself and am opening to a new way. I will not be frozen. I choose a liquid form of self beyond imagination, and then beyond liquid I disperse into the air as mist. Now, a deep breath.

What is it that I can truly own? My breath? My word? Getting in touch with all of me requires me to let go of definitions that have become dear friends. I thought I owed them something, so I repeated their names. It was easy to do; the names are short and singular. I can work to let this go. A series of farewells to familiar embraces; released now, and without answers.

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