Week 3 C4

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Lately, it has been hard to embody my traits and myself as a whole. My feelings have felt too loud and it's hard to collect all these amplified thoughts. I see that I'm being given opportunities and chances yet I'm too much of a coward. I notice that I'm afraid of others and of the things that might be, yet I never make anything happen. Maybe these limitations cant be worked through and this is just who I am or who I can be. I wish I could crawl to a bathtub and lay there for the rest of me. I hope only to believe in myself once more.

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  1. i go through phases of deep fear as well. It’s usually triggered by dreams. Now I know they don’t last forever, so I try to stay with my fear and not go beyond it until I’m ready- let it be a body feeling instead of a thought.

    Maybe believing in yourself is about nesting in to self care instead of denying your feelings to do something that compromises your soul?

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