Week 4 A1

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Mindfulness. So much of our day to day has become automated. Of course, there are benefits to routine. However, I think we all can get lost in following patterns and not consciously thinking about our physical location or actions. You write of intention. To me, intention is synonymous with purpose and mindfulness. An awareness of what you are (or are not) doing, where you are doing it, and ideally why (or why you are not) you are doing it. Of course, sometimes we do not know the answer, but having a set of values makes decision making easier. It’s okay to not know what or why, it’s more about the conscious intention which you describe in this week's prompt.

Dedication and investment. Missing elements of a society so focused on speed, leisure, and waste. The comparison is clear between the expected versus the natural. We see the versions you describe in nature. We see the enforced definitions of intention, dedication, and investment and reject them. They can serve the society, but can they serve you personally?

Presto Manifesto. Appear Quickly. It’s coming soon.

An image of a tiger with flames coming out of its eyes, surrounding its face and open jaw. Text around it reads "I am extremely happy right now."

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