Week 4 D2

A Student Response From:


This week’s prompt made me think a lot about the recent difference in goals between older and younger people. A lot of parents and grandparents place lofty goals upon their children and give advice on how to achieve it, but that advice is along to lines of “put your foot in the door.” Meanwhile, more and more people are having dreams of “having a house” or “being able to do hobbies.” My partner recently got a job working at a fast food place because his father refused to help him with college anymore. He was expected to get a job, any job, in order to continue his education, but when his dad found out the job he had managed to get after months of job searching, he basically reacted as “I know I said any job, but not that one.” One of my main goals in life right now is to get a place to live with my partner and our two cats, and I know if I said that to my parents they would tell me that I should have greater ambitions, like being a successful businessman or a famous designer. I want to focus on the little things, the things that make me happy, but life, society, and family is pushing me to think about perfection.

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