Week 5 A1

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Very interesting view of things. I don't think its to bad to some times not brush your hair and get a little bit of dirt under the fingernails. I agree there is a time and place to clean up and present yourself in a clean manner.

I think this art is interesting and creative. The composition and attention to detail makes it so beautiful.

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  1. When I was a kid, I hated being dirty and would have to change my clothes to feel better if I spilled anything on myself. My mom would also pick my clothes for me and comb my hair so that I looked presentable and so did she. Now that I am grown and make my own decisions about how to dress and how to comb my hair, I feel like I am more relaxed on my appearance and how I carry myself. Maybe I just don’t care how others view me sometimes, so I will pick shirts with holes, and I don’t always comb my hair as best as I can, but I still feel comfortable and confident. However, I am grateful for my mom ensuring that I was always presentable and taken care of. I knew and still know that my mom wants me to achieve more than she ever did. I am in college because of the educational opportunities she offered me and did not get to have for herself. I never went a day without food, shelter, or struggles that I couldn’t ask my mom for help with. Although I can be a diva over certain things, my mother has worked hard to give me everything I have needed, so instead of feeling privileged, I am grateful for the sacrifices my mom had to make to ensure I didn’t have to face those same sacrifices.

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