Week 5 A3

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I've often wondered about these people Rose speaks of- these people living in tiny houses and buying teslas and becoming "minimalists" isnt it rather insulting? I agree that it sounds like the right thing to do. Like it's the equitable choice, but wouldnt any thought beyond the knee jerk reaction be to do something more lasting, more giving, and more generous than to just wistfully "give away" some of your capital? All while still keeping all that capital in less concrete terms? I dont know. But I did read those words over and over again- apocalypse. apocalypse. apocalypse.

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  1. If we don’t know then we don’t know we don’t know. I find that we don’t look if it means we have to be uncomfortable with ourselves.

    Apocalypse will push us to the point where we have no choice, I guess.

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