Week 6 A4

A Student Response From:


This weeks module gave me a great insight and connection the the rain drops described or even the idea they support. We are all just a rain drop waiting for our turn. I can see myself as the smaller drop waiting to be accepted or pushed into the larger one. I believe this may give meaning to many ideas. One may be coming out of your comfort zone and making friends which enlarges your friend group. The next may be taking the leap when opportunities are presented to you leading to greater outcomes in your life. We all are stuck in a never ending cycle of daily life until we eventually just sit down and observe the Beauty that surrounds us. I have done this many times and always wondered why we take things in life so hard. We are living on a giant rock yet living in a real life monopoly. We take life so serious that sometimes we don’t appreciate the small things and beautiful life we are living. In order to enjoy life you must look at the little things and learn to appreciate them to the smallest of details.

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