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What amazes me is the fact that our own truth never stays the same. You mentioned that each person holds their own truth, but do they? If we as humans are constantly changing our minds can we really say that we have a truth? One might say that truth is a matter of the present. Truth is only temporary, because naturally, we learn new things, spend time with different people, do to different places. Our world is constantly shifting, and we are exposed to somethings new every day, so of course our opinions are bound to change. As a child we might think of something as the truth but as we grow older, we come to realize the immaturity of it all. We also come across others of our own age that hold truths we do not agree with. Sometimes topics are more touchy for some than others, and opinions can be held much stronger for one person but not the next. That is what defines us though. We hold a truth unlike anyone else, and change up that truth to keep the world evolving. Truth can be forgotten, or forever a part of us.

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  1. Your comment really inspired me to reply, I was blown away by your take on this weeks module. You bring up such an important point regarding whether we have a truth in ourselves. I agree with you that in human nature truth really is temporary and nothing more. We are constantly changing our minds and emotions towards people and everything in life. There is never a consistency. Between the ages of 13-24 we do a tremendous amount of growing and changing. Most personalities even change which also means their entire outlook on the world changes as well. Their truth they held at 15 most likely is no longer the same when they are 23. Everyone is different however, peoples personalities are unique in their own way nobody feels exactly the same about anything, meaning that something significant to you can mean so little to someone else. We as people have a hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that people can care so little about what we love. That is one truth that has held consistent in my life anyway.

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