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When it comes to my safe place i always consider my home of the Acoma Pueblo whether it be where i grew up there? or on top of the mesa of Acoma and Tohatchi which is on the navajo reservation, I can say these are my safe places because of how much comfort they bring physically but also how much of that goes into playing as well, All of it comes back to my grandparents of have past on bot sides of my family and i feel like they were the leaders of not just of family but a new generation and they're gone and its a super hard struggle at times because they were the foundation of our tradition and that's awesome! So in a way i guess you could say my happy place is both fiction and non-fiction because of the people lol but its pretty fun though such a good time! Not just absorbing the atmosphere but also the memories and the ideas of my grandparents when they were little as well, you know when my son would run around on top of acoma always curious about the land and the dances or my navajo side and just me thinking to myself and imagining how they grew up not just on the navajo side but the acoma side as well which always brings me to tears because these memories always remind me of my grandfather on my fathers side who is from the Acoma pueblo and then my grandmother who is from tohatichi on my mothers side and it awesome that i am still able to enjoy their memories or out them in my place when they were here how ever many years ago and i want to keep that same energy and focus for generations to come not just with me but my son as well.

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  1. My safe place have always been my house that I lived in since I was born, I say this is my safe place because every since I can remember every time something bad happens that was the place I went to for comfort. It was also the place that my grandparents lived, they are also a big part of how I grow up and who I am as a person now. They have always been there for me no matter what whether it’s a mistake I did or just something that happen to me it was always them, so because of that and the fact that it was pretty much their house that’s why my safe place is the house I grow up in. Plus all the memories I had in that house from watching the new with my uncle every evening or playing in the yard with all my cousins everyday after school.

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