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Understanding your own identity is being able to ignore societies' expectations about you. Because you are simply human, you are expected to conform to what is considered normal. But conformity means that there is a lack of expression, lack of your imagination, lack of free will. Your identity is the way you see yourself, but how can we see ourselves when everyone else’s eyes are looking at us. What are they thinking of you? DO they think you are weird? Am I normal? Others around you influence your own identity and self-image. They plant thoughts and images in your mind that you don’t want to hear. They judge you, putting your imagination on trial for being itself. Do you really own yourself? But is it bad to be yourself when everyone else is conforming? The simple act of expressing yourself, no matter how small it is, can open your own eyes to your true self. All eyes are on you, how will you act? Will you conform or allow your identity to be itself. Even though they will all watch you, its okay to be yourself.

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  1. I am thinking about how much conformity happens in the workplace. How much do we change who we feel we are because of the people around us or how much do we change because of our job roles? How many people are afraid to be themselves? How many people pretend to be someone else in fear of getting fired? How many people are scared to correct their boss when they use the wrong pronouns? How can we be authentic to ourselves when doing so might mean we lose our jobs or at the least lose opportunities at our jobs?

  2. It’s difficult for people to put their true self out in the world. Is your true self who you are with your friends, family, or co-workers. Has your true self changed over the years? Many people conform to their environment. They may take on the beliefs of their friends while they are with them. Alone they may have different beliefs.

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