Week 4 Christopher

A Student Response From:


I will be a witness for the transformation from the impossible to the possible. I see you!
I see you! I see you catching the heat of the day!

Let’s collect impossibilities and see if we can make some shoes out of them. I have always wanted to make some shoes.

Let’s gather large tufts impossibility, the kind that gathers in most corners, and use it to stuff a large sculpture of an acorn. A soft, huggable acorn. We can put that in corners instead, so nobody can get backed up into them.

What is impossible? I have been intending to call a friend for weeks. We talked today, finally, after I decided to not do something else first. It felt good to connect. I almost made it impossible for myself to be in touch. Of course, it’s not really impossible. I do get in my way a lot, though. Creating impossibilities for myself.

Last week I was questioning if I trust myself. I decided: YES. Still, when doubt circles above my head, sometimes I let it land. It’s not a true friend; it’s a taker not a giver. It takes me away from the present, which is the best moment, it makes the best things.

Best things: Walking in crisp air with a full stomach. Exploring mud caves. Drinking tea. Dancing in solitude. Dancing with others. Building. Being in the studio early, light streaming in and time to play with. Moving really fast. Moving really slow. Things that are done with full deep breathes. Things that make me excited and glad to be in my body, and feel it living. There are a lot of best things, innumerable things, each best moments. All the time – is it impossible?

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