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“Finding the why,” is something that resonates so deeply inside of me. I think this is because in my line of work I have to ask it every day. We talk about being selfish, doing the “right thing,” and being better than what we had. Really its all about what we want. The future that we desire that keeps us going. We want our children to be better than what we had not because we had bad lives but because we want them to be successful and to continue the success. Finding the why everyday can be superficial or deep. Just keep trying to find it.

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  1. Finding your why. This is something I spent a lot of time a few years ago trying to do and once I found it, it guided me in one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. But sometimes finding your why is not the only thing that can guide what you do in life, sometimes losing your why can be just that much more powerful. I found my why and made my decision but once I was there The others there always talked about remembering your why and continuing to push forward, and this made me realize that my why that had guided that decision was gone and not applicable to me anymore. In between making the decision and losing my why a lot of things in my life had changed and I had lost my why. It really is all about what you want, what is going to satisfy what your life needs the most.

  2. I found common ground with “Finding the Why”. I too find myself interested in where people come from. I take interest in their culture and background. Growing up, my Mom was in Nursing school, working and raising two kids. I learned the importance of hard work and resourcefulness at an early age. When I meet someone with a similar background, I feel like there is a common bond from our upbringing. Hard working parents and role models can pass on traits such as self-confidence, integrity and determination.

  3. “Finding you’re why” is an important aspect of life that can enable us to find purpose and meaning in the activities we do. This will allow us to pursue any activity and do it to the best of our ability. It is hard to find it but it will add meaning to your life when you do. It is all about what we want and that is the way it should be. Additionally, I am not trying to say that Rose is wrong for choosing her daughter’s clothes or hairstyles, because ultimately that is what a parent will do. They will do anything in their power to make sure that their child lives the best possible life and not make the same mistakes that they do. However, I do believe that by choosing her outfits and hairstyle, she is taking away from the idea of her daughter finding herself and creativity aspect in her life. This ties into the idea of diversity and the belief that everyone is unique and we are all different in our own way. This includes race, age, economic status, culture, ethnicity, gender, etc. These all tie into Rose’s story and will enable her daughter to find self-expression and be diverse. There are social norms and influences of wanting to fit in with the crowd and being accepted by everyone. There is nothing wrong with being different and once you experience it and be yourself, you will feel better and not have to compress emotions, etc.

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