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During one mindless session of scrolling through my social media, I came across a quote, “creative people need time to sit around and do nothing” by Austin Kleon. I was struck by the idea of creating by doing nothing. How seemingly contradictory. I was then drawn into a rabbit hole learning more about this artist and found he has written many books including Newspaper Blackout where he writes poetry by blacking out words from a newspaper page (very cool) as well as another book called Steal Like an Artist. Essentially in the latter book, he says that nothing is original, it is how we build on what came before. As artists, we are collectors, selective collectors of unoriginal ideas. This came as somewhat of a comforting concept as much of what I do as an amateur artist is reminiscent of others’ work that I discover after the fact. It has helped me to continue to create and not worry about copying someone else. I am unique just like everyone else.

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In response to Rose's notes on Week 1: Let's gooooo! I have been following Bearsun as well. I agree about his contagious optimism.

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  1. I feel like the constant grind is a byproduct of capitalism and self-hatred.

    Speaking of grind— I’ve been using chainsaws and angle grinders for two days straight and when I set the grinder down before the blade stopped spinning it skinned the back of my hand. I have a deadline so I have “no choice” but to get back up in the morning and get to it.

    It really is funny how seriously we take ourselves and our processes. Sometimes when I’m feeling like a total shit show, I imagine myself kicking back watching my life with a bag of popcorn. Let’s see what this chick does next! Oh snap, didn’t see that one coming. (Laughing face)

  2. No doubt about the constant grind. I think this pandemic world has almost made it worse sometimes. Some days I am hopping from one Zoom to the next or am available at any time on all sorts of communication be it email or instant message or text.

    I follow a great Instagram account @thenapministry. “You are not a machine, stop grinding” They are also online at https://thenapministry.wordpress.com/. Anyway, they examine the liberating power of naps – rest as a form of resistance. Like I need another excuse to nap! On their website, they even ask “How will you be useless to capitalism today?”

    I saw your injury on your Instagram story, ouch! Take care of yourself.

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