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On truth... this makes me think about how easy it is for our perceptions to be swayed and shifted. all it takes is one conversation, one thought, one seemingly mundane moment. I can relate to the Bearsun thing, he came through the Navajo Nation a while back. His truth and belief in what he was doing really inspired me. To walk miles upon miles wearing a teddy suit, for ones beliefs. A modern warrior perhaps... as I'm writing this, a man is singing aloud. He doesn't have a voice that is conventionally "good", but he sings as if he believes he does. Students walk by with confused faces followed quickly by smiles and head nods. Just another thought

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  1. I like this.

    And when do we become powerful enough to allow our minds to allow new influences to filter through and transform us? YES TO WONDER. What does that warrior look like? I think about this often. I feel like I’m most often at war with myself, the part of me that wants to destroy itself.

  2. Truth is told in many ways depending on one’s perspective. My truths are going to be different from others as I have experienced or my experiences are going to be different from another individual. My truths will also be different depending on the diversity that is around me at the time of true. For example diversity in the work force and which individuals might be telling the true or maybe just agreeing with the true. Diversity can have many benefits when the group or organization is working as one. If they are not this can also cause conflicts amongst the group. Having these diverse groups can also have an effect on creativity and help the individual’s juices flow with non-fiction ideas. They could harness from others thoughts to create their own thoughts to come up with great ideas.

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