Week 1 B4

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I like the fact that she states that it is your business, we as humans get to pick and choose what we want to say, feel, as well as how we respond to things. Although what others say is none of our business and most of the time their words do not directly affect us, we can still choose if we want to have feelings for what others say and make it our business. I appreciate that this prompt recognizes that the things you do, do not really matter. That is a statement I tell myself every single day when I come across a problem, I always tell myself that we’re floating on a rock in the middle of space and my small daily problems have no significance in my future life. Although the things that I enjoy doing make me feel like I can move on in life as well as enjoy it, I feel like in reality what I do or say does not really matter to anyone but myself.

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  1. RIGHT?!?! Yesssss….

    I think of this quote often; “look up, observe the contextual field.” There’s also a Dr/environmentalist I admire- in the last podcast I listened to in my studio he said something like— after the dinosaurs went extinct, the earth created even more diversity and beauty and brilliance! So now that humans are experiencing our extinction, it really is beautiful to know that something even more wonderful is going to happen here on Earth.

    We are so into ourselves it’s hilarious.

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