Week 1 C1

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The "truth" is something that is almost held in the divine,
Something that is golden beyond belief,
To the point that mere mortals can barely touch,
The holy words of truth,

We change our words at every instance,
To make ourselves nicer,
Or to help us achieve more,
We find ourselves in a precarious state,
"What's more important the "truth,"
Or how we are seen by our peers?,

My "truth" is not kind,
My truth is not palatable,
My truth is one born of hardships and pain,
My truth is negative,
My truth is harsh,
My truth is divine,
My truth is how I see the world,
And my truth is my god,

I do not believe in this idea of keeping the peace,
However humanity does,
I do not believe in little white lies,
Just to ensure that nobody cries,
But I keep going on,
Cause to most of the world "truth" is divine,
Something that mortals can only touch in stories,
Because our truth is seen as egotistical,
Or wrong,

So it becomes a myth we tell ourselves,
And instead we say our little white lies,
And keep our "truth" divine

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    1. I feel as though, many people do not have a concrete idea of what their “truth” is, however it would definitely lead to a more upfront society for those who do have that “truth.”

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