Week 1 C2

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I greatly appreciate having the space to consider self and truth as we know it and furthermore, open ourselves to each other to possibly redefine our perceptions!

I think quite often of how my own truths influence my perception of myself and the way in which I approach being and the choices I take. A lifetime of experience and learning have sculpted these truths; old ideas have been chipped away to reveal new and contrasting notions.

While my truths have been beneficial, such as providing me with something to ground myself to when the outside world is unsure, I've also noticed how my truths have hindered my growth. Specifically, I'm referring to the times in which the truths I have about the person I am have held me back from going outside of the set norms for myself. It's when I openly discuss with others that I realize how varied our truths are: it's likely that we don't even share the same perception of one another in the way we see ourselves. Remembering this puts me at ease.

I believe our selves are more malleable than we may think. In many cases, anything we dislike about ourselves can be altered. This requires an effort to alter some truths about ourselves, some that we may be grasping onto tightly. Due to the nature of truth being constructed by our own experiences, I believe it gives even more reason to keep ourselves open to others and to life itself. Openness may just be the most effective way to bring about new truths and to genuinely change.

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  1. This is interesting.

    I call limiting statements “judgments”
    Example of judgment; “Money is the root of all evil.”
    If I believe this, it will be so.

    I sift through my “truths” to figure out which are actually judgments. (Even if they are beliefs that were built from a lived experience, such as— “dogs are dangerous” because I was attacked by one when I was a kid).

    What I know feel is truth is rooted deeply in emotion, separate from thought. Intuition. Gut instinct. Heart’s desire.

    Does this make sense?

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