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Rose, your voice is so clear in your writing and I am so excited to share this space with you. When you describe your changing truth, I am reminded of the continuous change in every physical thing everywhere in the world. You state that your memories are 'pliable and elastic,' I wonder...are they as temporary as the physical also? You have stated outside of this prompt your interest in the temporality of your art pieces. I wonder how time impacts our truth. What is true at one time is false in another. Time changes both our memories and our truth. Is there a truth that is able to transcend time? I think the answer lays outside our physical realm. Your spiritual awareness intrigues me. Some people are aware, and others are not. It is as simple as that. I wonder how it is possible to show this truth to the unaware. How can those who do not see or perceive the 'supernatural' ((is it not the natural? just as the line between fiction and non-fiction is blurred)) be exposed to these magical experiences which you describe. Is it possible to show someone a truth which they refuse to see? What about when truth is uncomfortable to face? Thank you so much for your contribution this week, and I look forward to engaging with you these upcoming weeks.

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The truth is that we've never met...yet our minds touch one another through our words. So is it really true? It feels familiar
A photo of a sculpture in the high desert with a blue sky and clouds behind.

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  1. You ask- Is there a truth that transcends time? This is intriguing. YES!!! I will take a moment and ask.

    I am given emotion that is separate from word-thought or image-thought. This emotion is timeless truth, it knows. It feels like anciency.

    I have long asked myself how to show a truth they refuse to see, or one that is too uncomfortable to face. First, I suppose, I have to try it out on myself, and watch my own reactions carefully. What is keeping me from being flexible, what is my fear telling me will happen if I change my mind or stretch my consciousness? This is why my work is based on my own deconstructive and generative processes. Hopefully if I can make that shift, I will be able to transform my belief that it is impossible for others to change. Make sense?

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