Week 1 A4

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I found this article/prompt to be a rather insightful read; a very open-minded viewpoint, and while I do think that there is something as being too open-minded, it is admirable to have an adaptive mindset such as Ms. Simpson's. Although, self-moderation and being a bit conservative in one's own beliefs, may need to be considered as well.

In terms of artwork, I found "People's Party II" by Robert Pruitt and "Wishing Words" by Shinique Smith, pieces that piqued my interest: both reminded me of something you'd see in a Borderlands-esque environment; a post apocalyptic, Mad Max setting with a touch aboriginal flavor mixed into them. Rather appealing, in my eyes.

A Last Note:

I'm interested in seeing next week's topic.

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  1. I’ve lived a suffocating life, where I have chosen conservative/liberal acceptable and palatable beliefs over my own intuition.

    What you see now is the result of decades of release. It’s terrifying.

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