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As someone who also has a vested interest in creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction the comments surrounding those genres of story telling regarding disappointment are valid. There are countless stories that can be told yet we see very similar tales retold over and over again, not simply in the same structure but with much the same narrative as works that have come before. There is a lack of uniqueness in a field that has endless unique possibilities. To use Rose’s own metaphor towards this point, we have “a grand buffet of options” but it seems as though we fill our plates with the same dishes and rarely deviate from the tried and true. With some exceptions, perhaps we put a different sauce on the same meats but it is still not truly taking advantage of a limitless field. I understand why to some extent. Leaving the comfort zone of what has been said and done and well received is potentially dangerous, especially when talking about opinion and perspectives. However, it is the act of trying new things and being brave enough to share new ideas that keeps us pushing forward, and allows all of us to be constantly evolving individuals just as Rose mentions.

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  1. I used to be a songwriter. I remember hitting a wall of realizing that every song has already been written. I started calling my songs “the Jimi song” “the Fiona song” “the Janis song” because I was feeling like such a ripoff.

    I am intrigued by science fiction. I really like the Loki series through avengers. There were so many links to our contemporary experience if you chose to find them. I was sitting in my chair squealing in glee.

    I am disappointed by the amount of wonder we allow ourselves. I ask for the ability to imagine and dream something greater than I have yet had the ability to conjure.

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