Week 3 A4

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The entire time I read this prompt I thought about the titles. Thinking about “The Watched” made me think about hoe we are watching everything around us. And us as the “Responsible Audience” get to choose on we act on what we watched. How we act and what we put our energy towards is what will make us responsible or irresponsible people (audience).

I also felt like the art work that is linked to influence/fame made me understand the prompt even better. I felt like the piece made by Fitz Scholder was how everyone views you or how people view everyone else. We can see peoples faces, we can see how people look, but we can not see their emotions, that why I feel like the face has no expression. I also feel like the Directed West art piece gives off the same vibe. There is a woman who is being weighed down by emotion that she is blind by what she truly wants.


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  1. No longer victims, yes?
    I often feel pummeled by the immensity of visual information that I have access to every day. I don’t know if humans have evolved enough yet to deal with this amount of info- before we just go numb.

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