Week 4 B1

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I like to think that each of these ideas, are things that come to us whether we like it or not. In everything we do, whatever comes our way there is an intention to it. Even just the way I walk down the street, I am choosing to walk in a certain way. A way that is indicative of me, at that moment. Of course, we are never outrightly aware of these things. Perhaps I do not want to be stopped by somebody? Do I walk a different way? Even if my mind fills up with other things the act of neglecting my conscious awareness of walking is an intention.

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  1. I just had this conversation with a friend- the act of avoiding is also engaging. I’m interested in the precision awareness of a moment, but also how to very intentionally disappear?

    I’ve been listening to Nas’ “A place to be nobody” (I think it’s called) all day today.

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