Week 6 A1

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I think we've all--at some point or another--watched the raindrops slide down the window, hoping that the one we chose "wins" in the end. In a way, it could be used as an analogy for how we choose our future and view it in hopes that the one we chose leads to our desired outcome. Of course, this could be said about anything we interact with, as one could technically find a philosophical meaning in any mundane thing in one's life... Then again, there is no harm in asking questions about one's surroundings, or pondering on subjects and inconsistencies that lie around oneself.

A Last Note:

I found the piece, "Empathy" by Rose B. Simpson, courtesy of Ciaroscuro Gallery, as something that caught my attention. The piece encapsulates what I think many feel towards insects--specifically, flying insects--when they pester us in certain points of our lives: overbearing, oppressive, and overall annoying to deal with.

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  1. You are correct I think we have watched the raindrops to see which one would win the race. I agree with you that the raindrops are the way we choose our future. I had a similar interpretation it was that each raindrop was everyone after high school. You know how each rain drop sometime goes other ways they don’t all go all the way down. Each one of us have us on path in this life. Going back to what you said that it is how we choose our future, and that’s true after High School there are many paths you can choose for your future. Great post!

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