Week 6 A2

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I thought that this week was profound. It reminded me that the little things in life matter. In the finale of one of my favorite shows, one of the last quotes is “It’s a nice night, huh?” This is said right after a conversation between 2 characters that are essentially agreeing they will not be in each other’s lives anymore. Sometimes you have to see the simple details. Even though that situation was difficult, it was a nice night. In that scene we feel empathy towards the characters and the comment about it being a nice night is arguably one of the most powerful scenes throughout the show. That was slightly off topic, but sometimes it really is the small details and choices that make the difference. They can change everything. I think attention to detail can evoke some of the strongest emotions we can feel as humans.

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  1. You give a great insight on how the little things in life matter. I can also agree on this. We often look at the bigger picture and never really focus on the small details. We live on a giant rock in which workforce runs our lives. I beleive at some point we all must just take a break and enjoy the very life we have been blessed to live. I have noticed how many shows give the same type of message as the show you explain. There is always a lesson to be learned whether it’s in a show, book or movie. In order to have a successful life we must look at the small details and try to have them help shape our futures for the better. I think school and friends help us explore these ideas as well as just having an open mindset in general.

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