Week 6 A3

A Student Response From:

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That rain drop on the window...what a blessed experience. I love the feeling of choosing a single drop.. Claiming it as my own and choosing to watch it run down the glass. It does feel like it’s you, but it also feels like the tiniest, perhaps most unimportant level of control in the universe. Something about watching a drop run down on it’s course..give you back a little bit of control. Not that we get to control it, or that we decide when it stops and starts, but only that we have the ability to choose a drop, and care for it, even if only for seconds, as it dances on the window. A calm mediation, a beautiful luxury that even our most ancient ancestors shared. A moment of solace unlike any other- recontextualizing our own space, our size, our time. Harmless but not quiet.
A photograph of pink and white clouds with odd, uneven and sharply shaped geometric shapes overlayed with abstract paint strokes of blue, white, and pink

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