Week 6 B2

A Student Response From:


This post brought great insight into finding ourselves. By looking at a raindrop and relating to it by its actions we can relate it to our own life and the journey we have. Not only will this allow you to focus and notice the small aspects of life and even ourselves, but it will also lead us on the right journey to where our future takes us where we can choose it and obtain whatever outcome we want. We might understand ourselves on a grand scheme, but what about the smaller details. I believe we get so involved in the big scope of everything that we in a way forget to realize and acknowledge the smaller aspects. It is important to understand yourself because it will help you implement decisions and realize what makes you happy. All these ideas can be related to the idea of ability, which is important in businesses, and for our own knowledge. By understanding the level to which you can perform a certain task, it can allow you to build on your skills, or learn something about yourself you never knew. Not everyone is the same in terms of abilities and everyone’s raindrop will look and be different. However, that is okay because not everyone is the same, it will allow your abilities to be used in areas where needed, and also allow you to increase yours.

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