Week 6 B3

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It truly is satisfying to be validated in a way of thinking. Although its as if they’re in my head, how could one single being have a unique thought in a population of 8 billion people? Scary as it may be, it’s also nice to get direction from those same thoughts from another’s perspective. Putting the idea out in the universe allows the snowball effect to take place and gains opinions and ideas from other individuals. You’re right, this may not be the answer I was hoping for, but it certainly allows for direction.

I worry that if humanity really knew the answer to life, it could be detrimental to our mental health and motivation to keep pushing forward. Maybe it wouldn’t? Do I want to find out? Not really. If we knew all of the answers as you mentioned, how would this have an effect on different personalities? Everyone has opinions based on the way they were raised, their cultural influences and their own personal research and knowledge gained throughout the years. If we had all of the answers, how would this support to impact emotional intelligence. It really is something interesting to think about

I resonate with your thoughts on the truth always shifting. The one thing I have really learned about life, whether it be the hard way, is that the only thing consistent is change. Although things may seem set in stone for a linear amount of time, one day we look back and wonder how we accepted that as our forever reality. I constantly joke that when I was in my 20s, I knew everything. Now that I’m in my 30s, I feel I know nothing. I also find that as time passes, I have grown fond to the idea of openness to experience. Staying in a box, no mater how that may define one’s truth can really become detrimental to their growth. If one is not open to testing their limits or taking chances, they will simply live in a state of comfort that is wont necessarily provide a fulfilling life. Boredom seems to set in and life can quickly become repetitive.

Bearsun really makes me think about how freeing marching to the beat of your own drum can really be. His truth is to wear teddy bear suit and travel across the country in the most optimistic manner. We could sit and question his emotional and mental stability, or we could simply sit back and enjoy his antics as he continues along his journey. As long as he’s not harming anyone, let him live his truth.

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