Week 6 B4

A Student Response From:


About two years ago, I read a superhero comic. The main character was a powerful telekinetic and what I liked most about her was how she cried. She didn’t cry as part of a climactic loss. She cried for small moments sprinkled throughout the story. She cried the same as she smiled: because it was a natural part of feeling.
Why don’t more heroes cry?

As I grow older, I find myself crying more. When I was a child, I never cried during sad stories. Somehow, I didn't feel their sadness. Now, I find myself crying for the characters in books and movies, both happy and sad. Now that I have these extra years of experience, it is easier for me to feel the emotion in stories and moments. The feelings will flood me and spill out through my eyes. I cry bitter tears when a story takes an unfortunate turn and I cry joyful tears when an ending is perfect. Sometimes the sky is so blue and the leaves so green that I start crying. Once I cried because I was so happy to be able to experience sorrow.

I am glad to feel it all. I am glad to feel so intensely.

A Last Note:
Thank you for letting me join you. Your words are beautiful. They made me cry too.

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