Week 6 C1

A Student Response From:


For this week’s prompt, my interpretation for watching the rain drops on the windshield and picking the one that is certain to fall first as if it was some type of game, to me shows each individual life that you may have encountered. Each drop that hits the windshield starts off as a small droplet, and as you know as time goes on (granted it’s just for a moment) more droplets hit the windshield, some combining together making it heavy enough to slide down. Those droplets represent each individual’s life, we bring new people into our life’s, we gain new experiences, new skills, new opportunities slowly growing and growing just as each individual droplet on the windshield. As Rose said, “…I relate to that bean of water and her momentous journey”, that is where I feel like each life is represented in the droplets, some fall straight down, others are absorbed into new life, and others may hit and fall into a new direction. Life is represented that way, everyone has their own journey, their own experiences, their own destiny, and in the end, life all ends the same way as the droplet, it disperses and gets absorbed into our earth.

The artwork of Rose B Simpson’s, “Low Rider, 2012” represents to me is life. As a Hispanic male, low riders are represented within the Hispanic community, and since the “body” of the car is represented as a person, to me that represents one’s life. Just as a vehicle it continues to move from point A to point B, sometimes having to take detours, unnecessary stops, and obstacles to maintain the vehicle, but eventually leading you to your destination. Just like in life.

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