Week 1 Meagan

A Student Response From:

Meagan Moreno

"Truth" as a permanent, unwavering concept is so comforting to me in theory because that is so contrary to what it actually is. My life is a constant loop of sitting and listening to other people's truths, to situations that often have little to nothing to do with me, and fighting to decipher my own truth in the process. What is the expectation of sharing your truth with others? If it is ever wavering and varied what purpose does it serve to express your own? Affirmation? Discouragement of truths we deem wrong? I for one have no clue however, I can take comfort in Rose’s comment, “I’ve noticed there’s freedom when we realize maybe it doesn’t matter.”

Finding myself smack dab in the middle of a hoard of people's individual truths, I have come to this conclusion satisfactorily. It literally doesn’t matter. People are going to have their own feelings, perspectives, and lenses on every single situation they are a part of, and to try and make any sense of it all with my own lens of truth just clouds things even further. Maybe the most resolving thing any of us can do is take a step back and realize the way people individually view the world is entirely out of our control. And maybe that's the one legitimate truth we can all hold onto.

A Last Note:

If you couldn't tell, this is entirely sparked by a relevant situation that I became a part of today and this was essentially just a purge of feelings. Thanks for listening and sparking this thought process through your art Rose.

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