Week 2 Emil

A Student Response From:


Such an emphasis is put onto labels. Humans want to categorize, humans want to put things into boxes. And when things don’t fit into these boxes, they get uncomfortable. When things want to move boxes, they get uncomfortable. And there’s a focus on what boxes you “belong” to, what communities will accept you, what communities will never accept you. Arguments on what it takes for someone to be a man, or a woman, or queer, or trans. There are rules that people expect you to obey to fit into these labels, and if you don’t meet every requirement then you don’t belong. What does it take to say someone is or isn’t a man, what right does a stranger have to dictate this? What right does your family? Just because you might be someone’s “little girl” or “sweet daughter” and they gave birth to you, does that give them the right to say that you aren’t what you know and say you are? Do they own you, do they own your identity?

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