Week 2 D4

A Student Response From:ChristopherWhen I can be a question without an answer, I will be free. Yet, I long for the security of diminishing the unknown with cutting descriptions that make the question of being easier to manage. And I tell myself I want to be free. Extricating myself from comforts’ soft grasp doesn’t seem to get easier, it’s always …

Week 2 D3

A Student Response From:MeganSometimes everything around you can feel like a lot and can feel like it is holding you down. so I created this piece to kind of represent that. Next Student Reply

Week 2 D2

A Student Response From:SophiaHow much of identity is dictated by appearance? Next Student Reply

Week 2 D1

A Student Response From:Er CaseThis is an audio response. Listen to it here:Next Student Reply

Week 2 C4

A Student Response From:Baahozohnii With color, with size, with detail…. the painter gives us a sense of depth. I think this applies to more than just paintings. In terms of human beings, our own uniqueness and personalities bring color into our worlds. As well as bringing color into ourselves. I remember reading somewhere that, no matter how hard we try, …

Week 2 C3

A Student Response From:AubreyI often think about how complicated we have made the world on more than just a surface level. We didn’t just create arbitrary systems that make life more complex like governments and money, but we made systems that are used to control the way that we think about ourselves and those around us. On some level, the …

Week 2 C2

A Student Response From:YamileI think you’re absolutely right about ownership. I believe that we weren’t put into the earth to belong to someone or something and let it control every aspect of our lives and it absolutely baffles me that we are forced to live by societal rules, which are essentially not real. Who are they to tell us who …

Week 2 C1

A Student Response From:Aidan Identity is considered to be ourselves But we really just pick up some stuff off of shelves We think were unique But what ive learned this week Is that everyone is owned by everyone else Next Student Reply

Week 2 B4

A Student Response From:NolanWhen it comes to the part where you talk about Identity, it can definitely understand how it can be a tough way to describe that because you are never the same person or thing at any given time. You could be the same person but have different ways of thinking or you could have the same way …

Week 2 B3

A Student Response From:TaylorI really appreciate the ideas behind diluting our identity that we are only the sum of several adjectives but those descriptions never quite capture the essence of our person identity. I resonate with questions like “where is the language” and I feel the answer to that question is that there is no language to accurately capture certain …