Week 6 D4

Mystery is the context which allows questions to exist.

Week 6 D3

A Student Response From:AubreyWhen I was reading this last prompt, I thought about all the parts of me that make me who I am. So so decided to show all those parts and their intersections with an embroidery piece. A Last Note: Thank you for this awesome seminar, I feel very lucky to have gone through this journey with everyone!Next …

Week 6 D2

A Student Response From:CristianTo empathize with things that aren’t human can be an eye opening experience. To humanize means to attach emotions and qualities of people to things that aren’t people. It helps us make sense of our own lives. And art is also another window into our minds. To imagine and humanize means to let your creativity flow just …

Week 6 D1

A Student Response From:VictoriaNext Student Reply

Week 6 C4

A Student Response From:NathanI suit up, show up, and do the work. This is my credo for 40+ years. Consequences really do matter. Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes not so much. The actions of others bring consequence. It always matters. I keep going. No matter what. Next Student Reply

Week 6 C3

A Student Response From:MeganSometimes the stimulus around you can feel like too much and not enough all at once. It can be a very unpleasant experience, but it will not last forever. Next Student Reply

Week 6 C2

A Student Response From:EmilWhen I was younger, and I was in the car in the rain, I would watch the rain run down the glass, picking different drops and watching to see which one ended up being the “”winner.”” I don’t know what the winner achieved, other than being the first to drip down into the base of the window, …

Week 6 C1

A Student Response From:JosiahFor this week’s prompt, my interpretation for watching the rain drops on the windshield and picking the one that is certain to fall first as if it was some type of game, to me shows each individual life that you may have encountered. Each drop that hits the windshield starts off as a small droplet, and as …

Week 6 B4

A Student Response From:SophiaAbout two years ago, I read a superhero comic. The main character was a powerful telekinetic and what I liked most about her was how she cried. She didn’t cry as part of a climactic loss. She cried for small moments sprinkled throughout the story. She cried the same as she smiled: because it was a natural …

Week 6 B3

A Student Response From:GenesisIt truly is satisfying to be validated in a way of thinking. Although its as if they’re in my head, how could one single being have a unique thought in a population of 8 billion people? Scary as it may be, it’s also nice to get direction from those same thoughts from another’s perspective. Putting the idea …